Oil or Varnish

Wooden floor treatments and finishes

There are typically two treatments a wooden floor could have to seal it.


The first treatment is Oil.

This is an oil based product. The advantages of having an oiled wooden floor are that it is very easy and cost effective to maintain. This product is used in Museums, airports and big shopping centres where it is necessary to have a hard wearing wooden floor that can be quickly recoated without re-sanding the entire area. It is also ideal for domestic wooden floors. The product we use has been deemed safe for sealing children’s wooden toys.


The second treatment is varnish.

This is a water based product. The advantages of having a varnished wooden floor are that it is very hard wearing and easy to clean. This product is used on sports halls and gyms and also on domestic wooden floors.

The down side to varnish is that once the wood floor needs resealing the whole area will need to sanded back to bare wood before being able to reseal. This is an expensive and disruptive process.


Personally I always recommend an oiled treatment on a wooden floor wherever possible.

The reasons for this is the lifespan of an oiled floor as opposed to a varnished floor will be longer therefore saving our trees from being wasted and new floors being needed.

Preservation and foresight is required if we as companies and customers are to preserve the world around us in a more sustainable way.